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Hey there you... yes YOU! We’ve had a few last-minute cancellations ____ [this week / tomorrow / today], so if you’re in need of a ____ [cut and color / wash, cut and blow-dry / OTHER SERVICE] then RUN! Don’t walk.

Snap up this last-minute appointment via the link in bio or call us on ____ [INSERT NUMBER] NOW because it’s going... going...
Oooo who doesn’t love that fresh hair feeling?! ____ [All /Most] of our services include a complementary basin wash using our favorite range of ____ [INSERT PRODUCT LINE HERE] shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

Not only is it a super relaxing experience for you, it also helps us ____ [prep / cleanse / restore] your hair for the best possible end result.

If you love our basin washes as much as we think you do, don’t forget to leave us a review on Google! Thanks lovelies XX
We’ve got an offer that’s going to BLOW you away 😉 (pun 100% intended). With ____ [winter well on the way / all that summery sun], dry and lack-lustre hair is becoming a big concern for a lot of our clients. And ____ [boy oh boy / oh my lord do] we hear you! That’s why for this month, when you book a ____ [wash and blow dry / color and cut] we’ll add on a ____ [complementary moisturizing hair treatment for you! / INSERT SERVICE].

The catch is... you must be following us and mention this post when you book. So what are you waiting for?! Hit that follow button and slide into our DM’s so we can ____ [lock in your appointment / hook you up 😘].
GIRLS! Has your ____ [busy life / work life / cray-cray schedule] got you feeling down? Book your appointment to enjoy a moment of peace... Imagine ____ [latte / vino] in one hand and Vogue in the other while we work our magic on your ____ [tresses / hair]. Doesn’t that sound just ____ [divine / blissful] 😍?

You know what to do you’re a ____ [few clicks / dials] away from this becoming a reality. Book now for a slice of heaven!
Getting regular facials and taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up! Facials do wonders for your skin, not only are they relaxing but there’s a TON of benefits associated with regular facials.

💆‍♀️ Loosens contracted facial muscles

💆 Rehydrates your skin

💆 Tones the muscles, lifting the skin

💆 Enhances penetration of serums


You know what you’ve got to do GLOW GIRL, make a booking for your next facial. Call us or book via link in bio! X
The only ‘EX’ I need in my life is my exfoliator. All jokes aside, at ____ [SALON NAME] we offer various exfoliation treatments that will get your skin feeling all ____ [detoxified and smooth / fresh and gleaming]. Our clients have been LOVING the results from ____ [INSERT EXFOLIATION TREATMENT]. ____ [TREATMENT NAME] comes with a load of benefits like ____ [INSERT BENEFITS].

Want a piece of the action? Slide into our DM’s to find out more or book via link in bio for firmer and more youthful skin! X
Did someone say... it’s mani-time?! I don’t know about you all, but I don’t feel like myself unless my nails are ____ [shaped to perfection / neat and tidy with a touch of polish]. There’s something about making sure the little details are perfect that just puts your whole look together!

Even on the days when ____ [work is the pits / the kids are playing up / life is getting me down], and I’ve struggled to even get dressed that day, having neat nails just makes me feel that little bit more put together.

Are you the same? Sound off in the comments below what makes you feel that little bit better about yourself!.
Ok, ok, ok… let’s settle this once and for all. At ____ [SALON NAME HERE] we love all sorts of beauty products that enhance features and spice up a make-up look. But sometimes, certain products just ____ [have your heart / become a staple / are your go-to].

When it comes to lip products, we can’t help but wonder, if you could only wear one for the rest of your life, would you choose a matte, gloss, or creme finish? My personal favorite is ____ [INSERT CHOICE HERE] because it's ____ [INSERT REASONS].

💄 Sound off 📢 in the comments below and let us know your favorite type of lippy finish! 💋
____ [We sense a party on the horizon / We feel a party coming on!]

This month we’re celebrating _____ [our salon’s X anniversary / X team member’s birthday / X team member’s X years of service with us]!

This is such a big deal to us because ____ [INSERT REASON].

What are you celebrating this month – let us know in the comments below 😘
Ever walked into a salon that ____ [you just didn’t vibe with / just felt off]? Maybe it felt a little ____ [unwelcoming and clinical / immodest and hostile]? Imagine walking into a salon that feels like ____ [INSERT POSITIVE ADJECTIVE] and ____ [INSERT POSITIVE ADJECTIVE].

Well gorgeous, you’re in luck - that’s exactly how it feels when you walk into ____ [SALON NAME]. If you’re looking for a salon that welcomes you with open arms and goes above and beyond, look no further than us! This is just what one of our clients said about us last week...”____ [INSERT TESTIMONIAL]”. If you’re tired of salon hopping and looking for a salon that suits your vibe, slide into our DMs. P.S.

We’d love to ____ [offer you a free consultation / send you a special offer / % OFF your first treatment] to welcome you to ____ [SALON NAME].
Hey! _____ [INSERT TEAM MEMBER NAME] here popping into your feed today xx

I don’t know about you all, but my poor hands are taking a beating from all the extra handwashing and hand sanitizer I’ve been using since the start of the pandemic! 😥

But I’ve found ____ [INSERT MOISTURIZER NAME] to be so ____ [soothing / restorative] for my poor hands.

Is there something small like this that you’ve had to add to your everyday routine since the pandemic started? I’d love to know!
A coffee or two a day might not keep the doctor away, but like many of my clients, it’s something I SWEAR by (alongside my ____ [hair masks / heat protector / skincare routine] of course). 😉 A good night’s sleep is never a guarantee, but by sticking to my morning routine, I keep my mood just as perky as my ____ [ curls / lashes / locks / hair]. 💁

My advice? KEEP IT SIMPLE! An ideal morning for me consists of a cocktail of sunlight, music, movement and writing out my goals! And for the pièce de résistance - top it off with a good ol’ big breakfast!

Let me know your ____ [top tips / morning routine] in the comments below x

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