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What is Pixsalon?

Pixsalon is an inspiration and stock image website designed to take your salon’s marketing and socials to the next level! 

We’ve got a great selection of photos, graphics and captions that you can use in your socials, emails, website and marketing efforts.

Our members only Monthly Inspo page – combines 24 stunning photos with creative captions (normally available to download in our caption bundles) updated on the 26th of every month.

Check out our Free Inspo page for a little taste of what we offer.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

Not at all! You can choose to buy as you go with our On Demand option.

To get the most bang for your buck though we do recommend signing up for a subscription (there’s no lock in contracts and you can cancel at anytime, so what’s to lose?!).

When you sign up for the Pro plan you’ll also get access to our Monthly Inspo page – check out the Free Inspo page for a little taste of what the Monthly Inspo page is all about.

Who is Pixsalon for?

Anyone who works in/for the hair and beauty industry in need of content inspiration for their salon socials, emails website and general marketing.

Or anyone in need of unique (available no where else!) fab stock imagery.

Take a tour of pixsalon with Jo

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How often do you add new content to pixsalon?

We are constantly uploading new images and caption bundles throughout the month, so you’ll always have plenty of content to choose from in addition to the extensive library of content already available!

The Monthly Inspo page (for members on our pro plan) is updated on the 26th of every month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Pixsalon
  2. On the top right corner hover over your name and click on ‘Your Membership‘.
  3. Under Actions click on ‘Cancel’
  4. Click ‘Ok’ to cancel your membership.

Do my image credits accumulate?

No, you will need to use them or lose them unfortunately! The upside is, you have an entire month to pick out any images you like as part of your subscription. 

Do I need to attribute the images I download?

Nope! These are 100% ALL YOURS #royaltyfree. We’ve hired the best professional photographers to take unique images for you salon’s marketing content.

Can I edit the captions?


Feel free to fill-in-the-gaps with our suggestions, add your own… or use our ideas to spark your literary genius.

Where can I use pixsalon content?

You can use the imagery across your website, email campaigns or socials, and use the captions for your email campaigns, Instagram and Facebook posts. If you’d like to use the images or captions for anything else, such as print material, billboards or signs please contact us.

Do I have exclusive use of the images and captions I download?

Nope, the content is there for other subscribers and on-demand users to enjoy too! If you’d like exclusive use of any pixsalon content, please contact us.

Do I need to remove the images or captions I used if I cancel my membership?


That content is yours to keep – although we’ll be sad to see you go!

Monthly Inspo FAQ

Do I get access to the Monthly Inspo page if I sign up to the basic plan?

No. You only get access to the Monthly Inspo page if you are on the pro plan. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade to the pro plan.

When is the Monthly Inspo page updated?

On the 26th of every month, but we’re adding other content all the time.

I am interested in the Monthly Inspo page but not sure what it's all about?

Check out the Free Inspo page for a little taste of what the Monthly Inspo page is all about.

Every month we pair 8 hair captions, 8 beauty captions, 4 quotes and 4 Lifestyle captions with suggested matching images for you to use on your socials, emails or website copy.

Why is getting access to the Monthly Inspo page with a pro plan such great value?

Ordinarily you can purchase caption bundles (7-8 captions in a bundle for 1 credit) individually, but you don’t get to see them before you can buy.

This way not only are they available to see without spending your credits, but they are included in your membership. 

Just don’t forget to log in every month and grab the ones that take your fancy!

How can I tell if a caption bundle was previously included on the Monthly Inspo page?

You will know if a caption bundle has appeared on the Monthly Inspo page in the past as there will be a month listed in the bundles title.

For example the below example title was included on the Monthly Inspo page in May2022:

Weekly Hair Variety Captions MAY22 – 03

The caption bundles are available to download after being included on the Monthly Inspo page for 1 credit for 7-8 captions.


What happens if I don't make use of the content included on the Monthly Inspo page every month?

If you miss out on the content included on the Monthly Inspo page you can still download caption bundles with paired images. Captions included in past inspirations can be found in the collection Weekly Variety

The month each caption bundle is included in will be noted in the download title.  They are available to download for 1 credit for 7-8 captions.

Does clicking the "Download image" button under the suggested images on the Monthly Inspo page use credits?


The images included on the Monthly Inspo page are suggested images only. You are free to use it or choose a different pixsalon image or one of your own.

Clicking the image thumbnail will take you to the images download page for a closer look.

If you aren’t happy with our selection, you can find similar images by clicking on on of the image’s tags or doing your own search.

How do I know when the Monthly Inspo page has new content?

We will send around an email every month when new content is updated. 

You will also notice the page title update to the new month.

We also recommend adding a reminder to your calendar for the end of the month, so you don’t forget to login and make use of the content.