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How do I download an image to my iphone camera roll?

Once you click the “download” button you will see a small pop up box “Do you wish to download “pixsalon####.jpeg?”

Click “View”

Then tap the Image and select “Add to photos” from the drop down menu.

Clicking “Download” instead of “View” in the pop up box, will save the photo under your iphones “Files”. You can navigate to the “files” app by searching for “files” on your iphone and searching by “Recent”.

On my PC - How do I download the example images in my caption bundles?

Make sure the image is not selected first and then Ctrl +Click the suggested image’s thumbnail to be taken to the download page for that image. If that image doesn’t suit you – check out the rest of our collection or use an image of your own!

The images shown in some caption bundles are for inspiration only – feel free to choose another from our collection or use your own. 

The Images are not included in the bundles – you will need to download the images separately to the captions.

I downloaded a caption bundle on my iphone - where did it go?

Don’t worry it should still be there. Search for “files” on your phone. In the files app it should appear at the top under most recent.

Can I re-download an image I already downloaded before - without spending more credits?

Yes! You can re-download images more than once! Downloading an image you have already purchased will not cause you to loose any more credits.

How do I edit the captions?

The captions will open up in a word document – perfect for allowing you to edit to your hearts content before posting!

Or you can copy and paste them directly into your socials and edit them there if you prefer.

To edit the document on you phone you can open it in google docs or the mobile word app.

Where can I use pixsalon content?

You can use the imagery across your website, email campaigns or socials, and use the captions for your email campaigns, Instagram and Facebook posts. If you’d like to use the images or captions for anything else, such as print material, billboards or signs please contact us.

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